Fighting for the child. Who will win?

Such stories on the Internet and educational spaces – a ruble a bucket. The "parents-school" conflict is firmly in second place after the classic Turgenev confrontation between parents and children. Sometimes relationships take years to figure out. Piles of discarded paper, kilometers of broken nerves, and liters of sedative on both sides. How it all started, by accident, no one will remember. Like in our story.

So that everything is fair

In the lower grades of a very # comprehensive school, a teacher and the mother of one of the students had a conflict. Whether the child did not come to the teacher's heart, or the mother suspected an inappropriate attitude, no one can really remember. But the quarrel spilled out of the classroom and moved first to the office of the head teacher, then the Director. The management of the institution, instead of settling the relationship, or, as in Boxing, command " Brak!", became entirely on the side of the colleague.

My mother went to the authorities – the city Department of education, the Ministry, the court. She became so involved in fighting with the teacher and school administration that she even joined the public school supervision Board. It took several years for the Director of the ill-fated school-no, not fired, but transferred to another educational institution.

It took several years for the Director of the ill-fated school-no, not fired, but transferred to another educational institution.

All this time, the son of a wrestler went to the class he hated, where he initially received the stigma of a problem child from a problem family and became a victim of bullying.

During the years of fighting, the boy suffered from teacher bias and bullying by classmates. There was no question of good grades. The diagnosis of "pedagogical neglect" came close when the mother admitted defeat and took her son.

“It's not worth wasting time, health, or resources fighting school, " this mother says,”it's better to spend all your expenses on your own child."

With fear, both went to the gymnasium. And-Oh, a miracle! The child blossomed. The boy found the joy of friendship with peers, interest in learning. Yes, a lot was missed, but the simple absence of a daily stress factor, the normal attitude of teachers, the help of my mother, and gave fruit or .

What are my options

In such a struggle between parents and the system, the child always loses, no matter who wins situationally. If school, class, and training are useless, and the joys of discovery are pleasures, then you must leave.

Simply changing the class is an acceptable and correct solution at the beginning of a conflict. War will never improve the child's relationship with the teacher and peers, it will only deepen the gap.

You will have to change your place of study if the contradictions last for a long time and details and gossip are passed from class to class. In this case, switching within the same institution will not solve the problem.

Go to an alternative private school for a year or two, then go back to another teacher. Such an exit is also possible when the child has been in the "war zone" for a very long time. If the conflict has lasted longer than a year, the transition to an elite school with full-time education does not guarantee psychological comfort, since the child's condition can already provoke bullying.

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